Development Continues on PC Game


Development Continues on PC Game

Our Dev team for Eden Falling PC game continues to grow as we now number some 40 members. Development continues on PC game as many new ideas have come to light as we hash out how the PC version will look. I have had to add several new rules to compensate for what you see in the PC game versus what we seen in the paper RPG game. The nice part so far, all rules made for the PC version directly transfer over to the paper version quite nicely. Note: We still have several Dev Team Member slots to fill, so if you are a 3D Modeler, Animator or have Social Media Marketing Skills feel free to contact me.

Where we are now

A lot of new artwork and code is being generated each week. Many of the basic game mechanics are being implemented, and some of the first really cool visual features are being tested. Character hair and clothing is being modeled as are some of the first encounters. We have hundreds of lines of text for Characters and NPC's to speak in game, our first game music is done and our FX team is hard at work as well to bring the game world to life. We are also working on many player moddable areas for the game. We feel it's important that the players can mod many parts of the game to create the feel for the post apocalyptic world the want to experience.

What's Next

We are still working towards our first fully playable version of Eden Falling the PC game. Development Continues for PC Game, the hopes are in the next few months internal play testing can begin followed by a pre-alpha playable demo release that our fan base can test. We still have a few modules to finish before we get there though. As always we value your thoughts and opinions, continue to email me or post comments here on our website.

Until the next update, keep stay light on your feet and always look over your shoulder.