Eden Falling PC Game Update


Eden Falling PC Game Update

We continue to hammer away on the development of the PC Game version of the game. Our team now numbers 15 members.  Things finally starting to come together as we have some of our first characters and weapons completed, while some of the core locations and terrain areas of the game continue to be worked on. Our character sheet and some of the card decks are almost complete as well. Early core modules have been built now as we move towards an actual playable version in the next few months.


As you would expect we cannot release too much info at this time but will keep you posted as best we can leading up to a Pre-Alpha state. Our intention is to allow as many of into our pre-alpha when it becomes available as we can support. As with most Indie Dev teams we most likely will shoot for a discounted Pre-Alpha or one with additional incentives when the game goes live to help support our team up until completion. Unlike most other Indie Dev teams we can and will release with out without this type of support since we are self funded, but allowing our fan base to buy in early will allow many of our team members to commit more time to the project allowing us to complete the game earlier and begin working on the many supplements we have in mind for it.

What's Next?

We will continue to work on the major modules, and coding of the base games rule set. Within the next couple of months we should have our first semi-playable version. Once we feel comfortable with it we will post a Tech Demo for all to see, and to allow our fan base to give us some feedback.

Until next time, stay stocked up on rations and ammo and avoid the highly toxic areas!