The Patriots

Core Beliefs

  • The end of the world cannot put an end to the idea of a better one!
  • We are alive in this hell for one reason!
  • We had it right the first time, and it is here to stay!


Gerad Holdbrooke


Commander Rajesh Punjabi

Vice President Jackson Holdbrooke

General Abraham Bello

Primary Headquarters:

Manhattan, NY

Areas of Control:

Stretching outward from their Manhattan Headquarters, strong patriot presence can be found as far north as Maine and as far west as Ohio. Often violent conflicts with the Confed have halted southern expansion at Virginia. There are other settlements much further west, but while they call themselves Patriots, they are often nicknamed “wild west” settlements because of their essential lack of major faction support.

Opposing Factions:

The Patriots and Confed have highly opposed values and are often at odds. Tensions are high between the Patriots and the Desert Rats, due mostly to the Desert Rats support of Confed movements. The Texas Star have kept themselves fairly removed from these conflicts, but when backed into a corner, they often side with the Confed. No outright war has been declared between any of these factions, but many raids and skirmishes have made it all but a formality away.

Allied Factions:

Alliances with the Freedom Fighters and Steppe Tribes have formed out of a mutual dislike for the Confed. Trade routes exist between these factions and disagreements have almost always been resolved without bloodshed. No wars have necessitated any real combining of manpower, but if any formal alliance were to happen, the Patriots and Freedom Fighters have closer relationships than most.


“Stand United.”
“For a better world.”
“For our fathers.”


The Patriot ideals revolve around the famous and often-quoted speech from the faction founder Gerad Holdbrooke:

“We are alive in this hell for one reason! One reason! To bring back the order that existed prior to the fall! The fall that damned the world to a living hell couldn’t break us, and neither will they! When fire and insanity rained from the sky, we remained steadfast! When our families turned to ash and our friends turned to horrors, we remained strong! Why? When so many of our brothers and sisters burned in the rubble, why do we remain? Because nothing - not even the end of the world can put an end to the idea of a better one! We had it right the first time, and it is here to stay! The fall couldn’t bring us down, and neither will they! We stand united as Patriots to begin anew the legacy left by our fathers!”

This speech was delivered 20 years after the Fall, while a large handful of fighters defended the Manhattan Quarantine from attacking bandits. The speech was considered to be directly responsible for the survival of the faction, and Holdbrooke’s influence cannot be overstated. He continued to lead the faction – organizing and teaching – until his death in 43AF.