Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters

Core Beliefs

  • Work together, build together, survive together!
  • Family is vital. It is all we have!
  • Do “Right”. Justice keeps the peace and order!


General James Reid


General Victoria Hunter-Reid
Secretary Michael Riley
Colonel Clifford Jackson

Primary Headquarters:

Mt. Patterson, CA

Areas of Control:

Freedom Fighters have an unchallenged foothold in the Southwestern United States, their main area of operations focusing around what was formally known as California, and north in the Coastal Mountain regions. They have a strong influence and level control on the eastern areas spreading out of California, such as Nevada and Arizona. As of recent days, they have been expanding North and Northeast into the High Plains areas and establishing states of order in what were formally chaotic and dangerous areas.

Opposing Factions:

In direct opposition of the Freedom Fighters are the Desert Rats, the Rats as a faction are inherently chaotic. Their support of individualism and every man or woman for themselves, contradicts everything that the Freedom Fighters believe. In the eyes of the Freedom Fighters, the Desert Rats are more akin to marauders and criminals than they are to a structured faction. They do not actively hunt or war with the Rats, but they do take notice and respond accordingly when Rat activity moves into Freedom Fighter territory.

With their strong belief in community and assisting all those that need help, this leaves them in in disagreement with both the Steppe Tribes and Confed.

The Steppe Tribes' insular and xenophobic structure, goes against the Freedom Fighter belief that in order to rise up out of the ashes, we must unite as a people. Outside of that, they have a great respect for the strong familial ties that the Steppe Tribes represent, and their desire to be one with their environment.

Free Land Confederation forces are polar opposites of the Freedom Fighters in terms of a military entity. Their belief that the powerful rule, and that the weak are born into their roles, is not something that the Freedom Fighters can understand. With the Confed showing signs of becoming a warmonger, the Freedom Fighters are starting to become concerned and have been showing more attention to their building forces.

Allied Factions:

The Freedom Fighters have begun to build strong ties with the Patriots and Texas Star factions. The Patriots has evolved over similar ideals, and a strong suspicion of the Confed. Their agreement has become more of a military alliance than anything else, as both their structures are based on old world military formats.

Texas Star, on the other hand, have become a “little brother” to the Freedom Fighters, their strong belief in family and community ring true with the Freedom Fighters, they have made it their mission to assist Texas Star with quashing the lawlessness that sometimes exists in their territory and through a strong trade pact, have assisted the frontier settlements in establishing themselves as a survivable haven from the wilds.


“The strong have a responsibility to protect the weak.”
“United we rise, divided we fall.”
“We build a future for our children, make them proud.”


Freedom Fighters came to be more as a necessity than an ideal. Their founder came into power through a series of unplanned events during the fall. A soldier by career, James Reid survived not only an aircraft crash, but travelling and surviving in the wilds of the world during the fall. The goal of his journey was to find and reunite with his wife and daughter. Along his journey he begrudgingly became the commander of the remaining military forces that he discovered, and rendered aid to various groups of civilians and former government personnel. By the time the group had reached California, it had become a force to be reckoned with. Over time the faction became known as a protector and a haven for those that needed it. They built themselves on respect, caring, justice, and order. They created a stability and safety that was lacking elsewhere after the fall.

On February 26th, 20AF, General James Reid, now 50 years old, began to suffer from health issues connected to his travels during the fall. By this time, his daughter Emma had grown to be a strong leader in her own right. Reid chose to step down, with the agreement from the rest of the leadership, Emma Reid stepped in and became the new leader of the Freedom Fighters. During the night, General James Reid disappeared into the wilderness, never to be seen again. In current days, the Freedom Fighters faction is still led by a Reid; Victoria, the granddaughter of James.

With their strong ideals, structured society, and caring about their citizens needs and well-being, the Freedom Fighters have become a place that an individual can go and make a life for themselves within relative safety. As a faction, they exhibit some of humanities greatest qualities, yet their weakness is their complete trust in the inherent goodness of people. They have a strong military force at their disposal, but their ideals hold them back from conforming the rest of the continent to their beliefs.