The Confed

Core Beliefs

  • There is no “Old World”; there is just this world.
  • Everyone has their place. Know your place.
  • Life is cheap - Get the job done.


Jackson Riggs


President Hadley Riggs

General Camile Pilár

Overseer Kelly Godds

Primary Headquarters:

Fortress Sumter, South Carolina

Areas of Control:

The Confed have spread southwestward from their headquarters in Fortress Sumter. They control most of the southern states as far west as Alabama. Their northern expansion has been effectively halted by their relationship with the Patriots, but their influence can be felt as far north as Kentucky. Recently they have been setting up pioneer settlements to the southwest, hoping to establish friendly (for now) relations with the Texas Star.

Opposing Factions:

For years, there have been ongoing skirmishes between the Patriots and the Confed. These mostly revolve around the Wrangled, Patriot soldiers often raid Confed caravans in an effort to free the Wrangled, and the Confed often prioritize outlying Patriot settlements for free manpower. No outright war has been declared between these two factions, but the hostility is clear and undisguised.

The Freedom Fighters can often be found assisting the Patriots in their emancipative skirmishes, and the Desert Rats have been known to help the Confed if the situation serves their best interest.

Allied Factions:

The Desert Rats and the Texas Star have the friendliest relationships with the Confed. They do not necessarily share all the same ideals or use the same means to accomplish their ends, but their goals are often aligned enough to facilitate a treaty of sorts.


“Don’t get wrangled.”
“It ain’t gonna be like that.”
“Vindication will come.”


The Confed were born in the fires of the Fall and have grown hard under the threat of extinction. The “Wrangled” have become an identifying part of the faction, as they are the only faction to place such emphasis on its necessity. Due to what essentially amounts to slave Labor, the Confed have grown into a force to be reckoned with.

As is to be expected, there are a few world powers who oppose what they term as a threat to human freedom, but the Confed are stubborn in their methods and show no sign of change.

Hadley Riggs, a descendant of the faction founder has shown in the past that he is more than capable of leading the faction through difficult situations. His chief commanding officer, General Pilár has been responsible for repelling many threats to their society. Kelly Godds is more of a politician than a military leader, but he is often the face of the Confed Wrangling propaganda. A hated man outside his faction walls, he does not often venture far from Fortress Sumter.

The factions main power remains entrenched firmly in the southeast, but for reasons unknown, Riggs has been attempting to extend their influence further west.