: something that foreshadows a future event
: one that initiates a major change

A once vibrant future has fallen on deaf ears. Surviving has become the new nine to five. In the desolate and bleak world of Eden Falling, very little is known or remains from the past. But one thing from the Old World that can never be forgotten nor destroyed is music. It transcends the territories, factions and beliefs. A major key of hope in a minor key world. Here’s a little ditty about it.

One by one, town to town, six strangers have found one another. Each one with their own unique musical gifts. Six strangers from different territories and Factions, setting aside their differences and preconceived notions. Six strangers becoming one in harmony. Hitting the road and bringing a much needed moment of joy to the weary citizens of this infected and ravaged world.

Forget the troubles of your day and spend a night with the Harbingers. When you need a break from the daily grind of death and destruction. And when you feel hope is lost and you cannot go on, it doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you’ve sided with the Patriots or the Confed or some other faction, put down your fears and pick up a glass.


When the lights go down, and the music comes up, we’re all in this together. Come see Kor Shi Ma on his fantastic fiddle. Rosie Perth on her tantalizing tuba, “Tall” Norbin tickling the keys. Govind Ezra pounding on the drums. Ramos Lyle on the funky bass. Last but not least Dyza Greene shredding the guitar. Ladies and gentlemen, The Harbingers!

Welcome to the show!